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98% of Hanford want to laugh

It’s been tallied and 98% of Hanford respondents on Facebook want to laugh at our standup comedy show. The other 2% don’t. Which is funny in itself! What is the pathology of those two who don’t want to enjoy a comedy show with area comics? Laughter is great medicine!

A simple google search has studies that show people who laugh often have less possibility of developing depression and self-hatred. Simply stated, laughing reduces symptoms of stress. According to the article “Laughter is also known to increase the supply of oxygen to your body. More oxygen stimulates our heart and helps it stay healthy.”

In other studies, negative thoughts manifest into chemical reactions that can affect your body by bringing more stress into your system and decreasing your immunity.

In an article titled People who don't laugh easily are only fooling themselves by The Body Odd and Meghan Holohan, describes how a standup comedian did research on why some in the audience howled with laughter while others sat stone-faced. He concluded that it is self-deception, “basically, lying to yourself.” He found that the more someone practiced self-deception, the less likely they were to genuinely laugh.

And what better way to relieve anger than laughter at a standup comedy show? According to Psychology Today, people who are angry and lash out at people will have multiple negative impacts on physical health. It includes: higher risk of heart disease, higher risk of stroke, lower immune system, higher risk of respiratory problem and lower life span.

So, if you are wanting to be healthy in mind and body, do a standup comedy show in Hanford, or find another standup comedy place elsewhere. Bakersfield has an evolving comedy scene and in San Francisco’s historic Shelton Theater, there is a standup comedy venue called, Cheaper Than Therapy.

By the way, those two, if you come, we will waive your ticket if you sit in the front row.

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