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Dry Cleaners now a theater

This week we had a return visitor. Ray Gaitan, the former owner of the De Luxe Tailors and Dry Cleaners. He was amazed how we turned this once dry cleaners into a theater space. He was also delighted to see what we put on the wall. A display box capturing the essence of the former dry cleaning place.

Mr. Gaitan had come prior to see his old place. We asked for pictures, and he came with them. We have it displayed in the theater lobby to recognize the Gaitan brothers who built the building in 1937.

As well, we are meeting Mr. Gaitan’s previous customers and some relatives. Yesterday someone said Ray is his uncle!

Our update is that the lobby, office, and script-reading room are finished. The theater space needs lights connected to the computers.

We are looking forward to our grand opening on February 25th. We have four comedians that will entertain the community. Make sure you get your tickets online at It is mature content. If you want to bring your teens, 16 and above would be recommended.


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