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Fearless Life of a Standup Comic at HMTC Oct 8

One of the hardest professions in show business is standup comedy. On October 8 for two shows, one at 5pm and one at 7:30pm, we got four talented comedians from the valley to perform. They are headliner Jeremiah Nation, featured act Greg “G” Williams, opener Trent Babb, and host Anthony Jauregui. These guys crisscross the valley to share their humor without fear of a slap by Will Smith.

In fact, I would say comedians today have to be fearless. Once upon a time all humor was accepted, and people laughed even if there was a little sting, but it was for the moment a fun ‘poke’ at humanity. Today, comedians post-jokes will humbly ask for forgiveness if feelings were hurt.

In the old days, people understood comedian’s job to rub the audience. It was accepted and if it went too far a simple “boo” was done and it was over.

In fact, my going to comedy shows today is to see how comedians have adapted their comedy to current climate. Some are fearless and still give the traditional standup comedy in the tradition of the great comedians of days gone by.

These Central Valley comedians that will grace us with their comedy are hardy comedians. They are the hardest workers in the performing arts in my opinion. Week after week they can be found somewhere between Bakersfield, Paso Robles, Visalia, and Sacramento honing their act. They are refining everywhere they go and trying new jokes.

I give my support completely to these artists. They are stars in Hanford Multicultural Theater Company’s eyes. We want you to give your support to these funny artists.

Get your tickets online at for $15 or at the door for $20. Both come with complimentary water or wine.

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