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Grant awarded to Hanford Multicultural Theater Company

The California Arts Council awarded Hanford Multicultural Theater Company a Creative Youth Development Grant for two years. HMTC has been working with Ed Services at the Kings County Office of Education in selecting the schools to benefit from this grant opportunity. Pioneer elementary will be the first beneficiary with a theater program on Fridays. Central Union School will receive theater experiences with a summer school theater program.

Grants are the lifeblood of Hanford Multicultural Theater Company to incorporate theatrical arts experience in the community. Educating our community to the healthful benefits of the arts is a mission not only for HMTC but also for the California Arts Council. HMTC agrees with experts that theatrical arts experience enhances the livability of community.

Theatrical experiences are very important for the young ones. According to Anne Malinoski from the San Diego Family ( they learn empathy, increase academic performance, gain self-esteem, build bridges, and become goal setters.

Empathy increases substantially with theater. When kids portray characters onstage, they practice putting themselves in others’ shoes and learn about others and situations.

Academic performance also increases. Children who participate gain a feeling of belonging and keep motivated at school.

Self-Esteem increases with even the slight accomplishments on the stage. According to James Saba, executive director at San Diego Junior Theatre says, “theater training helps children gain confidence, build camaraderie, learn leadership, practice teamwork and build a skill set not only for a theater stage, but for the real world.”

According to AATE, American Alliance & Theater Education, “the benefits of drama education are especially positive for at-risk students.” They state that students with learning disabilities are more likely to maintain or improve their reading skills when they participate in theater. This is an important building bridge.

Goal-Setting for children becomes an inner push to get them to excel. This inner push is required in life and the small steps in a theatrical class do them a world of good.

For community members in the area, and even those who are not part of Kings County, HMTC will begin a two month weekly acting class beginning in May to the end of June. Children up to age 12 can take classes on Thursdays from 4:15-5:15pm. Also on Thursdays from 5:15-6:15 pm the class is reserved for teens ages 13-17. Adult classes are on Wednesdays from 7pm-8:15pm.

The classes are made up of actor and improv games and are free. All you need to do is apply online at our website at


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