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HMTC This Week – Acting Classes (Week of October 4, 2021)

One of the most useful things that parents can do for their children is enroll them in acting classes. It’s a good learning activity for kids and one that has everlasting benefits. Even for adults, acting classes are helpful in everyday life.

HMTC began serving the needs of the community in 2017. Since then, we have had numerous adults and children improve their public speaking, improve their confidence, and become good team players.

In addition, we have seen growth in our students that are shy or have special challenges which require extra support. HMTC is glad to provide that opportunity to this sector of our population.

Adults in certain occupations could also use practice in team cooperation. With our improvisation classes, ‘thinking on your feet’ is highly improved.

Be younger or older, a nurturing environment is what we offer for performance skills. It has been remarked that the opportunities we offer is costly in a bigger city. I personally took eight classes from a theater institution in Los Angeles at $300 each class. It was a total of $2400 dollars. With HMTC classes, potentially, a family with 2 kids can take six classes each in the year, which would be 12 classes at about $2 per class session. Each session has four classes.

Our classes for the first session this year will begin the first week of October. This time we add puppetry to our usual fair of acting and improvisation classes. Beginning January 2022, we will add theater lighting and sound design classes.

Signups are currently online at our website. It’s a minimum of five students and no more than ten to offer quality training.

We are ready to teach again after the lapse of time. Do note that we have not been stagnant since the statewide shut down in March 2020. We have been busy. The managing director and I put together a podcast called HMTC Behind the Scenes Podcast. If you go online, you will hear interviews with directors, experienced actors, and winners of our international monologue slam. Our guests called in for the podcast interviews.

As well, HMTC invested in film equipment and started filming projects. To date we have a film called DON’T JUST LOOK puppet show. A film called CHOLA PODCAST INTERVIEW. The current film is PEDRO THE PUPPETEER now in the editing process. Perhaps, film classes will be in the horizon as an offering from HMTC.

We encourage everyone, children, and adults, to take our classes and awaken creativity in a nurturing environment. You will be glad you did, or if you are parents, you will be glad you brought your children to try performance arts.

For updates on our offerings, subscribe on our website at


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