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HMTC This Week-Actors Studio new neon sign

At Hanford Multicultural Theater Company’s Lil’ Brick Theater you will notice neon light signs on the storefront window. Our newest neon sign has spelled out Actors Studio. With this new sign, we come to a conclusion. We are indeed an actors’ studio.


The neon lights at the windows have twisting tubes of glowing rainbow colors. It is most noticeable at night. So is the light projection of our logo at the top of the awning.


With seven years of giving acting classes, we work with the actor on perfecting their craft. We do this on Wednesdays, in 8-week sessions from 4pm to 8:30pm. Those who want to supplement their acting with Improv come every Thursday from 7-8:30pm.   


Don Brakeman volunteers his time to teach acting in the adult class. He has many years under his belt in the acting field and is still a professional actor. He gives feedback to actors who want to improve their acting. What is quickly noticed, is that his suggestion indeed improves the actor’s moments on stage!


Making moments on stage real for the audience is an actor’s job. It’s not just memorizing lines. It’s a craft for the actor to create those moments on stage that the audience ‘feels.’


After the class, when the actors go home, Don and I discuss what a joy to see these actors discover their craft. The truth is it is a joy for us to teach it.


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