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HMTC This Week: Final cast announced for upcoming production

Published in Hanford Sentinel Newspaper, June 11, 2021

HMTC is proud to announce the final cast list for Death of a Social Security Benefit. They are as follows: Don Brakeman, Silvia Gonzalez S., Greg Gonzales, Jr., and Sarah McCullough. This cast will be directed by Raymond Gomez.

Newcomer Sarah McCullough is delighted to be cast in Death of a Social Security Benefit. She is a service member with an abundance of enthusiasm for the performing arts. We are sure NAS-Lemoore will come to the show to support her.

Whether it is a film production or a play, a good cast is crucial. Working together on a play requires dedication, mutual respect, and liking the play. As well, the actors must like their character. If any of these are missing, the production can be on perilous ground.

As well, actors liking their character aids in the discovery of their character. Questions an actor must ask themselves is where did their character come from before the play begins? Where did the character go to school? What does the character like to do on their free time? What was their growing up years like? What jobs did he or she do? What are their other relationships like? Any mannerisms or ticks? Is the character from the east coast or somewhere else? What does the character sound like? Does the character stutter, or speak nervously? An actor knowing a character well, aids in line delivery and to be in the moment. To be-in-the-moment the actor makes the character real on stage.

It is a big must that the director likes the play. He or she will spend a lot of hours and brainpower to it. His or her enthusiasm will keep the actors engaged and inspired. Mr. Gomez took this directing task within minutes of reading the script. He said he was flooded with ideas and immediately started work on it. As this play is a comedy, director Raymond is often heard in the audience laughing during rehearsals.

At this moment, the director is looking for props. If any of our readers would like to help the production, these are the items still needed: hard-plastic martini glasses, a wheelchair, personal medical oxygen tank, fake handcuffs, white coffee mugs, ankle bracelet monitor, kitchen table and chairs, lamp, coat rack, fake tree in a planter, a white rug, gray bobby pins, Better Homes and Gardens magazines, bar cart, candle warmers, and a plastic cocktail shaker.

If readers prefer, they can help with donations. HMTC has a website with a Paypal to scan at, or checks can be mailed to P.O. Box 296, Hanford, CA 93232.

HMTC is happy to re-start with a comedy. We believe it is time to laugh. The performing arts is one excellent way to do so, and this cast is dedicated to get chuckles from the audience.

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