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It's Tonight - Standup Comedy with Chris Cruz - Location

I have to say I am pretty excited that we are doing our first event with standup comedy at our new place at 119 1/2 N Douty Street. We have two shows. One at 6pm and 8:30pm and it is our grand opening at our new location.

We do warn people that GPS cannot be trusted. We are approximately 15 feet from 7th Street, so stay between 7th and 6th Street on Douty you should be good. We are right across the street from Huggy's Bar. In fact, if you you stop there before or after the show you get $1 off your first drink.

This event is a first of a series of standup comedy we will present every month. We selected the third Saturday and again, two shows that day. Trent Babb will give us the next show's comedians and we are excited he is getting the Valley's best to come to Hanford.

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