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Mixed Media Puppets or Puppets on the Strange

This week I have been enjoying watching puppet show videos. The puppet shows I liked the best contained mixed media.

What is mixed media? According to the American Dictionary, mixed media is a way of making art that uses different substances put together. Lots of contemporary artists revel in that form of art in paintings.

So, what is mixed-media puppetry? In our recent puppet play Spirits Soaring High it was with mixed media. We had a screen above the puppets showing a video with black and white sketches to buoy the story along.

Spirits Soaring High came to us from Grace Eunsung Cha. She adapted it from her book, KOREAN SPIRIT IN THE AIR: THE KOREAN AVIATION SCHOOL IN WILLOWS, CA (2018). This was presented as a puppet show on October 15, 2022.

The plan for the next puppet show is to mix people into the performance to interact with the puppets. As always, HMTC will create the story and use local performers.

This should be a charming type of work for the audience. In many ways we experiment with our productions.

If anyone reading this would like to experiment with us, subscribe or contact us through our website


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