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Named theater columnist for local California newspaper

Updated: Aug 22, 2020

I was asked today by the editor of Hanford Sentinel Newspaper if I would write a weekly article about theater. Sure I would. I'm scanning my brain with lots of thoughts I have had over the years about the theater arts. Intertwined there are deep thoughts about the last six months of the pandemic, and recent social unrest. Actually, the social unrest has been around for a long time. It had bubbled over many times before. This time, social unrest has intertwined with a pandemic. My co-founder and I started a multicultural theater company that invites all people equally. We were answering a call that we knew was there. Maybe others didn't know, but they know now. Our multicultural arts offering has gone dormant until the pandemic is over. However, we are still doing lots of behind the scenes work. When we come back to do show, it will be in a different society. A society that will need the arts to explain the changes. HMTC is ready.


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