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Script about Louisa May Alcott, author of Little Women

Hanford Multicultural Theater Company is excited to present Pamela Sterling’s play LOUISA MAY ALCOTT – THE POWER OF A WOMAN this March. HMTC expects a popularity of this play since many have read Alcott’s famous book LITTLE WOMEN.

The script is written by Pamela. She wrote this play to preform after retiring from her positions in the department of theater at Arizona State University.

Pamela’s approach to writing this play was to surround herself with objects that were metaphors for Louisa. This included apples, dolls, a desk, paper, pencils, diaries, and lot of her Louisa’s books. As well as books about Louisa, early feminism, the history of Suffragettes, the Civil War, parent/child relationships, her father Bronson’s journals, and anything that would help Pamela understand who Louisa was. She said, “Unfortunately, nothing written about her mother and almost nothing written in Abba May Alcott’s own hand.”

As Pamela talked about Louisa, I said, “You are Louisa.” She giggled, and said, “We have a lot in common. But it sounds presumptuous to make that comparison. I have written and published some plays, but none of them as famous as LITTLE WOMEN. And my productivity is nowhere near.”

Louisa and Pamela are both writers. Both are women. Both civil rights advocates. Both teachers. Both love Shakespeare and Charles Dickens. Both had complicated relationship with their father. Both had a pretty younger sister. Both feminists. Both cat lovers. Louisa was a domestic servant for a while. Pamela waited tables and likes to bake. Some tiny differences: Louisa was a good seamstress, a fervent gardener, a savvy businesswoman, and was tall. Pamela not so tall.

Pamela noted that Louisa May Alcott is like Jo in LITTLE WOMEN and like her. All three loved to perform and had dreams of being a famous actress.

Also, both came to the love of writing through the theatre. As well, Louisa dreamed to be a noted actress. However, her performances happened in the parlor of her family home and for charity and was never paid. Pamela succeeded as a professional actor.

LOUISA MAY ALCOTT – THE POWER OF A WOMAN will be presented at the oldest church in Kings County at 14060 Hackett Street, in Hanford. Tickets and directions to the production at

Shows March, 10,11,12, and 13.


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