Key People

Pure Professionalism, Pure Volunteers

We're dedicated! Our staff experiences vary, but we have grit and there is power in our will to soar. We also empower our participants. Our gifts are to give opportunity and this is what makes us different. Our Non-Profit Organization is for the people. It is peaceful and giving atmosphere. Meet some of our incredible staff members below.


Silvia Gonzalez Scherer

Executive Artistic Director and Co-founder

Silvia is co-founder and executive artistic director of HMTC. She is a playwright by profession, and has done standup comedy, been in improv groups, plays, commercials, t.v., and movies. Her plays have won awards and are performed coast to coast. Her plays are published and her work and work history is included in anthologies. She writes a column in the local newspaper called HMTC This Week.  Check her other works on