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Dreaming of a Performing Arts Center

I have been dreaming of winning the lottery. Sure, everyone does. The dreaming comes with what to spend the mountain of cash. So, allow me to tell you what I would do with the payout. First, I would pay off all my bills, travel, and remodel my home. Then I would put together a performing arts center in Kings County.

I have said this to people before and now it is in print. Now if I win, I must do it. Not a problem. A performing arts center is the perfect thing for our town and those of you who know me, know it would make me very happy.

So here are the details of the performing arts center dream. This performing arts center would be large enough to house a theater with balconies. There would be a smaller theater adjoining it for one-act plays. A little puppet theater would be next to that and an ample spaced rehearsal room. There would be a huge work room to make props and puppets. A work area for a costumer and designer. A large media room for technology. Of course, large offices to put paid staff of artists and consultants. Sounds great, doesn’t it?

A dream did come true for us seven months ago. For five years we were wandering around from place to place to house our theater company until a lucky break of a space at 119 ½ N. Douty Street in the historic downtown. We promptly moved in and completed the move in mid-January 2023. We have a stage, seating, a long lobby, an office, a storeroom. It’s our own place for teaching acting, improvisation, producing new plays, to read new scripts, to do puppet shows, and comedy shows. It’s our current home.

Though a lottery win to do this performing arts center would be great, maybe some foundation or a philanthropist may be a more realistic avenue. If you know of any, send them our way. We’d love to get started on this venture.

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