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Passion for Acting

Passion for acting is helpful. Without it, the career choice is too difficult to sustain. I will briefly describe four people I have met recently with a passion for acting. One is fourteen. The other one is twenty-five. Another is thirty. The last one is age 89. All four have that light in their eyes that I recognized as passion.

In it states that passion “is a strong or extravagant fondness, enthusiasm, or desire for anything.” In this case, it would be an enormous desire to act.

The fourteen-year-old’s mother tells me that ever since she was old enough to talk, she wanted to perform. In fact, I remember her in our acting class when we began offering it in a rented room at the Hanford Civic Auditorium. She excelled in every acting game offered. It was discussed that she should include dance in her repertoire since she wanted a career in acting. That she did. She is now back to gain more skills in acting.

The second is a 25-year-old who I will say lives and breathes acting. He started with HMTC five years ago and has been in many of our shows. He will take any script and give it life instantly. I saw him add contour to an acting role that made his character amazingly believable. He also took a demanding script I gave him and gave it so much dimension, that a professional director said to him, “You do that in every role, you will be successful.”

The third is my niece. Her mother tells me that ever since she was eight, she told her parents she was going to be an actress. She did just that and today has a good actor resume. “We’ve never been able to get her to think about anything else” her mother says. “It’s performance she wants to do.”

The fourth is an 89-year-old actor and director that HMTC enjoys working with. His vast experience and knowledge very valuable to us. What is beautiful is to see him smile when he is in the theater. He has passion and he loves to share it.

My passion is seeing people smile when they experience the performing arts. Whether in the audience, in rehearsal, in acting class or even in puppetry classes, it is fun to see.

If you are interested in taking a part in acting or puppetry class, or behind the scenes as crew or technical staff, or even as an audience member, sign up at our website. An application is on a tab for participation. Audience members can subscribe to get news of events.

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