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Preparing for film

Plans are underway to film a short film featuring Don Brakeman. It’s a mutual project with this veteran actor. We have scouted locations and discussed equipment. We’ve assigned roles and have a script.

This is exciting for our group. It’s a fun thing to venture into. We’ve gotten practice from shooting and editing our shows and projects we had to video during the pandemic. I must say we’ve gotten good at it.

Our actors learn to be on the stage with our classes. However, during classes we teach how to be on camera. Why not include on-camera experience? It’s a natural evolution along with our mission.

What is crucial in a shoot is sound. The audience can forgive visuals if not to par. Bad sound is an immediate turn away. We found and will test a wireless sound mechanism that can be attached to actors and to the camera. If after testing, it is satisfactory, we will be good to shoot soon.

Currently, I am organizing the shoot schedule. We already selected shooting locations. We are anticipating this experience with pride and enthusiasm. It’s a short script but a large experience for us.

We still will do our theater, but film is exciting too!

If you are interested in volunteering, go to our website, and subscribe and fill out a participation form. All our welcomed regardless of experience. Go to or

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