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Writing plays with a person in mind in a character


I have finished one play, and working on a new play. I meet with actors weekly at our theater and I tell them about the plays I am working on. Somehow, the actors from the theater, their personalities, sometimes ends up in my play in the characters. I almost feel the play PEDRO THE PUPPETEER was written with Gabriel Omar Pimentel completely in mind. Lo and behold, he was cast in the play. At first day rehearsal, he tells me he can relate to the character completely. Well, maybe I wrote the play for him! Rehearsals for our Hollywood Fringe Festival 2020 is going great. Glad he's my Pedro. (shows in Hanford May 17 and May 24 at 2pm and 5pm), (Hollywood five shows between Jun 11-28).

Now I am working on THE MUSSEL SLOUGH CHRONICLES - a California Tragedy. In this play there are two women characters. As I write their dialogue I see the faces of a couple of actresses I know from our theater. I notice that the characters are chattering on the page and the language pattern is similar to theirs. I keep writing until I get my first draft. Then, I will ask these actresses to read the script for me to hear. I smile, for though my characters are on the page, I'm talking to them in the flesh. (staged reading with talk-back afterwards on May 9 at 7pm).

I think, it's good to know a playwright if you are an actor. There are advantages in both directions.

Silvia Gonzalez Scherer, Executive Artistic Director

(AKA Silvia Gonzalez S.)


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