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Hanford Multicultural Theater Company is dedicated to making a lasting impact through our artistic programs. While our efforts are driven by our organization’s singular focus, we spread a wide net by investing in a variety of progressive strategies to enrich and teach cooperation and acceptance through the arts. It's a humanistic goal to learn from one another. This sharing creates understanding and improves are society.

Women Holding Hands
Improv Group

Working together on projects

Making a Difference to the community

Working together in a peaceful atmosphere is not only our goal, but the best for creativity and exploration. Hanford Multicultural Theater Company makes sure that each member is enjoying the creative process whether it be in puppetry, improv, acting, or play writing.

Artistic and Creative Outreach

Creativity soothes

It is very satisfying to be creative in a place where exploration is not only welcomed but encouraged. Not only are there ample opportunities to explore, there are ample opportunities to practice what is learned. What is discovered quickly is that creativity is soothing to the soul. It activates the pleasure sensory of the brain.

Multi-ethnic Group of Friends

Opportunities to Explore

Ample artistic opportunities to grow

We are convinced that working together on artistic projects promotes sharing and cooperation. Arts also is healing and in these times, healing is what we need. Art shared with one another is ultimately for the good of the community.

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