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Creative Expression

Creative expression. What does the term really mean? Maybe describing it is individual, but doing it gives an incredible feeling. Essentially, there are two ways to do it. One self-induced, the other in classes. 

A self-induced creative outlet that can be found almost anywhere is Karaoke. Usually, Karaoke is at a bar or at a party. Karaoke is fun for many to do. A person takes a microphone and sings along to music with visual clues of the lyrics. For onlookers, it’s fun to see people have fun with this.

Also, there are open-mic poetry events to spur creativity. People sign up and read their poems. I noticed the local library hosting one recently. I knew a couple of poets who went there to read their poetry.

Dance schools are in many towns. I think there are four in Hanford, and one in Armona. These structured classes of creativity are more common and mom’s love them for their kiddos.

Our creative outlet is on a stage. For the time being we offer free acting classes for anyone that fills out our application form. Our acting methods are the Stanislavski Method and Scene-Study. We throw in improv now and then. 

Acting is fun and we discovered that most of our students never had a chance to try it in school. They come to us. Then there are parents who have children that need an alternative creative outlet. They come to us.

Creative outlets are a human requirement. It is a feel-good phenomenon. People know this to be true. For many, it is essential.





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