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Just in case you have not heard June 4 at 7pm you can see the play DEATH OF A SOCIAL SECURITY BENEFIT cinematically for free. Get that? For free! Why? Because we like you.

DEATH OF A SOCIAL SECURITY BENEFIT is an original play that was written after attending a farce on Broadway, and a subsequent discussion with a senior actress that complained her only roles were for grandmothers. Hearing the call, this playwright set out to make three luscious roles. Two for seniors over 75-year-old characters, and one for over fifty-five.

Of course, ages of the actors can be any age a director chooses that corresponds with the theme. Thus, this is not your typical twenty or thirty-something actor play. In that, it is unusual.

DEATH OF A SOCIAL SECURITY BENEFIT is about Shirley and Jack living as friends in a retirement community. They share in expenses. It occurs to Shirley that if he dies, utilities will not get paid since his social security check will stop coming. If they marry, she can get widow benefits and her deep concern of paying utilities would continue. After bitter arguing, she convinces him to marry her. For Jack, the regrets set in. She treats him like an annoying wife! Not to mention, she has an incredibly annoying voice! Then Jack finds out they must be married nine months, or the benefits will not come as she expected. In fact, Jack is not feeling well. They argue and Jack Katz wishes himself to die and does. He takes a polaroid picture of his last breath. Shirley remembers that she invited Jack’s ex-stepson to visit, and he is at the door! She conceives a crazy idea to make it look Jack is still alive for the ex-stepson and for the Social Security office.

It is a fun play with craziness. Wonderful acting from veteran actor Don Brakeman as Jack Katz. With additional acting from Greg Gonzales. Jr., and Sarah McCullough. Raymond Gomez directed this new play. Scott Yarbrough with his tech genius, and my determination made it into a film.

As of this writing, the play is in the top for a comedy festival competition. Wish us luck that it makes the top four.

Free popcorn with the entry. Reserve seats at

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