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Historical items turn into art in new theater

HMTC has moved into a building that once housed a dry-cleaning company. It has many interesting features. The fans, the wall sconces, and the skylights are very interesting. Though there is dust and rust we got plans for them.

Back in the day this building needed large fans to cool the building and remove steam. These fans are still visible and actually work! What does an art company do with them? Paint them! All sorts of colors!

Two sconces in the lobby are from the art deco period. The art deco period started in France in the 1920s then ventured into the U.S. and grew in popularity during the 1930’s. These sconces are in great condition. We have our posters around them.

In the middle section of the lobby there are large skylights. There’s rust and dirt from the many years. Would be wonderful to find a skilled person to give it a good cleaning. It illuminates our conference area.

The front door is original. The large iron doors in the storage area and the back exit are on pulleys. They roll perfectly to open. Honestly, I have never seen sliding doors like these before. More relics from days gone by that are useable today.

This building is unique, and we look forward to our first show which is a standup comedy show on Saturday February 25th. Two shows are offered at 6pm and 8:30pm. Tickets online our $15 and at the door for $20. Chris Cruz will headline, and he has lots of fans, so get your tickets early. Tickets can be had on our website at


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