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Lil’ Brick Theater Comedy Shows

Last Saturday we sold out our standup comedy and improv show. Our fantastic headliner was seasoned pro Bob Fernandez. Lizette Mizelle was the opener and she enchanted us with her charm and wit.


We added to this show our Udderly Improv team and newbie standup comic Jessie Ayers. They lit up the stage with creativeness and personality. What is impressive is that this was a first experience on stage for both and the audience enjoyed their poise and the opportunity to interact with them.


Improv groups use audience suggestions to create on-the-spot, on stage. Standup comics use questions to the audience or the occasional heckler to enhance the humor in their standup comedy. What is also fun is how the audience can become outrageous with their suggestions and that enhances the show.


What people may not realize is the most important way for any performer to become a pro is to grasp every opportunity to go on stage. This helps hone his/her craft and learn to read an audience. Think about it, would you like your dentist to work on teeth every couple of years then ask you to come in for a root canal? Absolutely not.


I want to thank our fabulous performers and volunteers. Our show was sold out and we had to turn away people at the door because we reached capacity. If you want to buy tickets for the next comedy shows to make sure you get a seat, buy them now. They are available on our website at


Tickets on sale now are for comedian Nat Baimel who is performing on June 8. Dave Yates performs on September 7, and Chris Cope is on December 14.


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What a fantastic show! Thank you HMT for hosting such a great event! I look forward to the next one.♥️

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