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Poetry? Poetry! April 9 at 7pm -Plus Open-Mic

HMTC’s first ever Poetry Night will be featuring the work by Marcella Mares-Alatorre, Sarah McCullough and myself, Silvia Gonzalez S. (stage name). The evening will start with our selected poetry and followed with an open-mic for anyone who has poetry to share.

First up will be Maricela Mares-Alatorre who describes herself as a survivor, a mother, and an activist by birthright. Currently, she works in the field of environmental justice. She also teaches GED classes for farm workers. She says, “I wrote my first poem when I was five, and I wrote until the muse left me 20 years ago. Thankfully, the voice came back…I am humbled to share my work with anyone that will listen. I currently live in Hanford (with a Kettleman City heart) where I continue to live a crazy, magical, blessed life with my daughter and Chichi, the dog that lives at my house but is not my dog (ask my son).”

Sarah McCullough is an active-duty service member with a passion for the arts. She recently appeared in the production of DEATH OF A SOCIAL SECURITY BENEFIT as Officer Bunion. She assists in all HMTC productions as a cast member, stage-manager, and even a box office attendant. She is currently working on a short film idea to be produced by HMTC Films. When she is not working or assisting in the theater, she is usually out in nature photo-journaling her hikes.

I dragged out my poetry for this event that has been hiding in a drawer. I started poetry with open-mic in Chicago before I ventured into playwriting.

HMTC is excited to do this event. All proceeds go to the Kings County Historical Society to maintain the oldest church in Kings County.

Tickets are available at the door, or online at or at the only bookstore in downtown Hanford MY CORAZON at 300 N. Irwin. $5 requested per person.

Those interested in open-mic it would be helpful to us if you registered before the event at this link:

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