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Udderly Improv with our Standup Comedy Show

Planned for this Saturday is Standup Comedy and our very own improv team called Udderly Improv. Our Udderly Improv group is funny. I say that not just because I envisioned an improv group associated with Hanford Multicultural Theater Company because of my background of improv study, but this improv group is very imaginative and fun to watch. I saw them in this week’s rehearsal, and I say they are just as good as any in the bigger cities. They are slated to do a preshow before headliner Bob Fernandez and opener Lizette Mizelle, this Saturday, March 16 at 7:30pm.


So, what is improv? If you do a google search you find it defined as a form of comedy theater in which most all of what is performed is unplanned or unscripted. In other words, the creation of scenes on stage is mostly spontaneous and often with the audience invited to interact with the performers in the form of shouting out suggestions for locations or crisis situations. The improv group takes the suggestion and invents a scene on stage.


To date, Udderly Improv is the only improv group in Kings County. The participants are from Hanford, Armona, and Lemoore and they are a talented bunch.


Join us for comedic fun and support our improv group at the Lil’ Brick Theater, the home of Hanford Multicultural Theater Company located in Old Town Hanford.  Food and drinks will be available.


Tickets and information at 



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