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We got a car! And it is a roving ad.

You may have seen it. It is canary in color with different color designs towards the back. There’s HMTC emblems on the side doors. Also, a QR code that links the scanner to our website. You may be thinking, car for a nonprofit theater company? There are reasons for it.

We have announced our events with signs. We place them in the ground around town. As good citizens, we diligently removed the signs the day after the event. However, the homeless diligently removed the signs before the events for their uses. Their use for them? They would cut them into quarters and put ‘God Bless’ on the blank side.

We then made vinyl banners and hung them in pre-approved locations. The bigger the better we thought. However, bigger banners made good shelters near the freeway and behind Walmart.

We then experimented with billboard signs on 198 freeway. After a while it got too costly.

When we received a marketing grant, we decided to use it to purchase a car and make it a roving ad campaign. We chose the bright canary color since most people are programed to slow down with that color instinctively, thus reading our info.

This HMTC car is also useful for carting equipment to and from our theater. As well, we park it in front of the theater as an indicator of where a show, class or an activity is taking place. It’s bright so it is immediately seen.

So, if you see a canary color car with colorful designs, that’s our roving ad campaign.


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