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Where we were, and where we are


We started in a tent practically. (That's me in the picture). We now have a gorgeous building that I swear has the best vibes in there. As I sit in my home near my hand sanitizer, I find myself reminiscing on all that has gone well with starting a theater. Sure there has been bumps. The usual: financial concerns, perfidy, enormous branding efforts, my exhaustion from such high intensity concentration in getting a theater to function. Then last week, the custom-made sound booth came in. Bless California Computer Technicians who donated computers and monitors and got lights and electronic system wired in. I watched these technicians give their time to wirelessly connect the light fixtures , and projectors connected to the high scaffolds. I did my share and climbed up the ladder to daisy-chain the lights.... It's a great feeling to be where we are today. What is even better, is to be surrounded by good people, with good hearts. That's my great joy. We even put a sign saying "Only good vibes allowed." Yeah, I like that sign. Silvia Gonzalez Scherer, Executive Artistic Director AKA Silvia Gonzalez S.

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