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A visitor gives us a tour of our new place

Our great news is that HMTC acquired a new space in downtown Hanford. As we move our items in there are curious onlookers. One asked for a tour. He was a previous owner from when the place was a dry cleaners. His father had a cleaning business there and he worked for his father as a little boy. It was called DeLuxe Tailors and Cleaners.

Actually, he ended up giving us a tour. He pointed out where the boiler was located for the dry cleaning. He pointed at large fans in the ceiling that were used to remove steam from the pressing. He said there was once a balcony overlooking the street and pointed the spot where they accessed it. He pointed out storage areas and an access door on the floor. He said there was a jeweler located next door. I asked him about the light fixtures in the front room if they were original. He said they were. They are clearly art deco.

I hope he comes again and gives us more history on the place. If a picture could be located of the place from 1937 we would love to frame it and put it on the wall.

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