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HMTC This Week – Cyber Hanford Monologue Slam 2021 Winner Announcement

The 4th Annual Hanford Monologue Slam 2021, hosted by Hanford Multicultural Theater Company, brought very competitive monologues this year. We now have a winner and the experience in hosting this event is so sweet, we can’t wait to do it again next year.

To judge all the contestants HMTC engaged nine judges from various locations in the United States. As well, two New York/L.A. casting agents judged the final five. We are delighted that our winner is Abigail Onwunali from Hartford, CT.

Hosting monologue slams is great fun for HMTC. In addition, HMTC gets to help actors with their acting careers. With video monologues now the norm for auditions, cyber monologue slams are a big help to perfect that actor monologue.

In fact, to be more helpful to actor growth, participants are entitled to judge’s commentary to improve future monologue submissions.

Also rewarding to HMTC is seeing repeat participants improve their monologue presentations. Since we are also a teaching acting company, we enjoy the progress an actor makes with their craft.

A well-done monologue is important in the theater and film world. Especially now when more of the industry is requiring video monologues as interview submissions. Sure, the pandemic hastened[SG1] it. In reality, it was headed that way. Already actors have been discovered by video submission.

The 2021 Hanford Monologue Slam winners are:

First place, Abigail Onwunali from Hartford, CT.

Second place is Megan Marriot from Waterford, Ireland.

Third place is Dominic Gladden from Baltimore, MD.

Fourth place is Terrance Smith from Hayward, CA.

Fifth place went to Ziga Poromon from Alberta Canada.

As we have done in the past with our classes, we give extensive attention to monologues. We include skills to improve stage presence to enhance actor delivery. A well-crafted monologue is important for an actor’s toolbox. Monologue slams are useful to an actor’s career.

We will have our fifth monologue slam in 2022. Though the pandemic forced us to utilize a cyber form of submission for our slam, we have determined that it reaches more people worldwide and in different languages. This far-reaching and international status is a good fit for us.

As mentioned, a video submission has become preferable to help the actor move along with their career. In fact, one of our winners filmed a movie and remembers how we added to her confidence when she won our competition.

HMTC congratulates these top five place winners. They can be seen on our YouTube channel at this link:

Silvia Gonzalez Scherer

Executive Artistic Director

August 22, 2021

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