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Art Triangle

Triangle of Arts

We just moved to a new location. Then it occurred to me that there are two arts organizations close to us that we have had associations with in the past. Looking on a map we make a shape of a triangle and are walking distance from each other. The three corners of the triangle are P.A.T.Y.'Studio's dance, Kings Art Center, and our group Hanford Multicultural Theater Company. That’s a lot of art .4 miles of each other.

Be your ‘cup of tea’ visual arts, dance arts, or performing arts, these three venues illustrate the creativeness that is available in Hanford.

We are gearing up for our 2023 arts offering, but in retrospect we have done a lot in 2022. They include: The Power of a Woman - Louisa May Alcott, The Mussel Slough Chronicles – A California Tragedy, Tornado Train play (which was part of the Indigenous Voices event), Indigenous Voices, Poetry Night, and a puppet show Spirits Soaring High by Fresno author Grace Eunsung Cha from her book "Korean Spirit in the Air: The Korean Aviation School in Willows, California."

Indigenous Voices brought three poets and a playwright to share their work in November 2022. In April 2022 Poetry Night featured three poets and ended the evening with open-mic for other poets.

Playwright Pam Sterling did her one-woman show portraying Louisa May Alcott. We indicated to her that Hanford is very open and appreciative of the arts. She came in March 2022 and within two weeks polished her work for the stage to an appreciative audience.

The Mussel Slough Chronicles – A California Tragedy was a May 2022 staged reading depicting what is known about the 1880 gunfight here in Hanford. The audience was privy to a reader’s theater. A rare treat in this area to see evolving work.

Tornado Train, by San Francisco playwright Linda Amayo-Hasson, was a marvelous piece of work showing a Kickapoo tribe member’s experience. We are planning to do it again in our new stage.

We are also working on a puppet play. This show will be for an all-age audience. The puppet itself will be five feet high. I am in the process of making that puppet. When finished we will put it on our new stage. Show dates TBA.

I say the arts is an important element of community living. It’s proven that our community supports dance, visual arts, and theater all within .4 miles of each other. There are more arts organizations in the area, and we hope more will come for “Arts is like grapes. It is better in clusters.”

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