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Last week, we hosted the Annual Hanford Dia de Los Muertos at The Hanford Mall. This week we will host the Annual Hanford Monologue Slam. Last month we did our Don Quixote marionette-puppet show. Prior to that we hosted a standup comic, and we did a short film festival and a short play festival. Are we busy? There’s more.

Since the beginning of the year, we have been going to Parkview Middle School to teach improv and acting to students. They call it the Drama Club. At our theater in downtown old Hanford, we finished our third eight-week session of acting and improv classes for adults, teens, and kids.

For the 2024 year we are looking at putting on two fringe-type puppet shows, a play festival, more standup comedy, and another short film festival. New for us and will be lots of fun is a Story Slam. We are also discussing the restart of our improv shows.

We are excited to announce that on February 1, 2024, we will begin our seventh year. On January 1st we will begin our second year at our new location on N. Douty. Here we converted a dry cleaner’s space to an intimate theater that’s reminiscent of black box theaters in Chicago, New York, and Los Angeles entertainment districts.

Our desire is to continue to be all-inclusive and encourage all people to come to our theater and see how healthy, therapeutic, and fun the performance arts can be. We pride ourselves to being a company that is nurturing, fun, and an artistic place for people to learn and play with the performing arts.

Are we busy? Yes, we are, and we love it.

Join us for the Hanford Monologue Slam on November 18 at 5pm. It’s a hybrid monologue slam which is probably the first of its kind internationally.


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Mark Saltzman
Mark Saltzman
Nov 14, 2023

We're incredibly impressed with your new space and all you've accomplished for Hanford! I'm really proud of my pals Silvia and Tom!

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