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CHRIS COPE, a rising star - Here to do one day of comedy in Hanford

Updated: Sep 19, 2023


In my opinion, standup comics are commentarians on life. They tell you how it is for you, for them, and for everyone. What they point out are usually things we never thought of and that is where the funny lies. With Chris Cope, our guest comedian from Los Angeles, he will have you laughing about things you don’t normally think about. Like the size of states!

Chris Cope is originally from Florida and has been living in California for ten years and calls it a blessing. He’s originally from Florida so that explains why he likes California so much. We are lucky that he is just south from us and is able to come to our theater on September 23rd for two evening shows.

Chris Cope is one of those rare comedians that doesn’t have to be raunchy to be funny. He just is! If you do a quick search for videos on Chris Cope, what you will see will make you want to buy a ticket, and you should. He’s top of his game having performed on the Jimmy Kimmel Show amongst other hit shows.

One of my favorite jokes of Chris Cope is his views on states and traveling through them. He said if you drive from Florida to California, and Texas wasn’t there you would get there in 45 minutes!

He has an album called ‘White Trash Super Computer’ which is available for listening pleasure, but what better pleasure than to hear him in person and have some good belly laughs.

We are certain Chris Cope will enjoy our new theater in Old Downtown Hanford. We feel fortunate that the word is out that our theater is a cool place for comedians, actors, and musicians to perform in.

Tickets on our website at and hurry. Space is limited for the shows.

Click here for tickets


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