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Cinema Experience of the Stage Play DEATH OF A SOCIAL SECURITY BENEFIT at HMTC June 4

On June 4 at 7pm, the public is invited to see the play DEATH OF A SOCIAL SECURITY BENEFIT cinematically. The play was produced by HMTC during pandemic restrictions which did not allow us to have all seats filled. In fact, programs were touchless—online—with access using a QR code that was provided. However, a film was made of the play and the audience will see a cinematically performed play.

I have seen plays recorded with a single video camera. What you get is one view of the play. This is the same view you would get in a seat at the theater. The difference is that in a theater you get the energy of the actors and the reaction from the audience to give a “sensor-round” experience of the live play. In this standard video form, you undoubtedly miss this live show experience. The video serves mostly for the actors’ memory book.

What HMTC does is video the productions with three cameras. Then edit it like a tv program or movie film. The experience for the viewer is enhanced with the closeups, far shots, and wide-angle shots.

To do the above is a big job for the editor. Many hours are devoted to get the shots seamlessly in a film format. However, it pays off at the end.

The pay-off is on June 4 at 7pm. Do make a reservation at to assure you a seat for seats are limited. The seats are free.

Silvia Gonzalez Scherer

May 14, 2022

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