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First Home-grown Musical and Why people love musicals

This Saturday and Sunday and the following weekend at 6pm, will be Hanford’s first grown musical. Not only is it original, but it is also a puppet musical! To see the show get your tickets to guarantee a seat on the website 

Why do people love musicals? In an IA overview online, the following were some indicated reasons:

1.       They can be so engaging that you forget your everyday life.

2.       The music can share the feelings of characters.

3.       It captures the magic of life theater while providing larger-than-life immersive experience for the audience.

4.       Musicals carry an emotional realism instead of a literal one.

What should be celebrated is that this is the first of its kind in this format and subject matter. The puppets are books on a shelf and for various reasons they must prove worthy to be on a shelf.

Hats off to Heather Isaacs, Chariti Messer, Garrett Galvan, Francisco Serrano, and twelve-year old Harmony Mendez. Galvan, Serrano, and Mendez are first timers to the puppet stage and excited to make their debut.

Isaacs and Messer mesmerized us with Don Quixote and Sancho Panza marionette puppets last fall and were asked to play the characters of Bookus and World History Book.

Hanford Multicultural Theater Company’s goal is to reach the community with performance opportunities. The staff is constantly discussing ways to make the stage accessible and successful for participants. All that is needed is an ounce of desire.

In fact, people who come through the doors of the theater at 119 ½ N. Douty Street in Old Downtown Hanford inspire the staff to create opportunities. So far, participants inspired the following: One-act play festival, comedy plays, poetry readings, standup comedy, puppetry, monologue shows, actor studio show, short film festival, a short film production, two puppet productions, and soon a story slam.

Find out more about this musical and other opportunities at Hanford Multicultural Theater’s website. Tickets for all shows in the 2024 year are available on the website as well.

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