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Hanford Dia de Los Muertos activities Nov 2 at the Hanford Mall

Updated: Oct 26, 2022

Hanford Dia de Los Muertos is happening again at the Hanford Mall on November 2 from 4-8pm. This time bright green signs will be placed around the mall parking lot to remind the public that the event is back again.

Halloween is great fun for children of all ages. Halloween is also being practiced in other countries. For example, in Mexico the tradition is taking some steam. As well, Dia de Los Muertos has gained steam in the United States to the point that it has become a big deal across the country. Locally, Armona had their event October 23 in front of their Kings Arts Center. Fresno’s Arte de Americas Museum does a month-long celebration. On October 28 Tulare Kings Hispanic Chamber of Commerce has their event.

Hanford’s Dia de Los Muertos has it’s event organized by us, Hanford Multicultural Theater Company. Our event is on the traditional day and has been since 2017. In actuality, two days on the calendar are devoted to the event, November 1st and 2nd. HMTC does the celebration on November 2nd every year.

There is confusion at times with Dia de Los Muertos and Halloween. In my view, Halloween has two parts to it. The wholesome Harvest Day with a variety of costumes, and the scary Halloween with nightmarish costumes.

Dia de Los Muertos is the cycle of life. What we do with our life can be remembered in an altar (also called ofrenda) by loved ones. The loved ones put items on that table and pictures with flowers to encapsulate the life of the individual. Some have an altar in their homes for a week, a month, or even the entire year. The memory is love.

The pictures of dancing skeletons, and the Catrinas (skeletons dressed in clothes on display at the mall) is a dedication to the artist Jose Guadalupe Posada who popularized this icon in 1871. These calaveras or Catrinas has been blended with Dia de Los Muertos. It is now a standard when celebrating the event.

The public is invited to place an altar for a loved one in a designated mall storefront. It is currently decorated. See it right across from Ross for Less. Those who do an altar for the first time find it comforting. There’s something beautiful in putting together items that remind you of a loved one on a table decorated with flowers.

The Hanford Mall graciously allowed our community to celebrate this event and invites the entire community to listen to Mariachi Music, see dance, and enjoy the spectacle and bountiful color that is not only traditional, but fun. Join us for the free event. or for information or call us at 559-997-3838.

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