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Improv and Acting Class Summer Intensive for Kids Went Very Well

Teaching acting and improv is fun. HMTC offered a Summer Improv/Acting Intensive Workshop. It was an enjoyable experience for the kids and parents enjoyed what their children learned.

The children learned a lot in this intensive. We began with improv games that teach how to think on your feet and cooperate. For kids who love being on stage already, they needed to learn how to cooperate and share the stage. Al Pacino once said that his job in performance is to make the other actors better. The children did not know who Al Pacino was but understood that they need not hog up the stage.

Another essential element of acting is listening. Listening is an important skill in our day-to-day living. When I was instructing the children to listen to each other on the stage, I was reinforcing a skill needed in life.

Confession be told, I have teaching certificates in four states. I have a lot of experience in teaching in many environments, including teaching in the Spanish language. I also taught in Italy when I lived there. Another confession, I have taken breaks in teaching to pursue my playwriting.

Moving to Hanford eleven years ago, I decided to take up farming. I absolutely love it. I also thought that when I am on a tractor, I can still conjure ideas for plays.

Five years ago, in February 2017 I felt a need to teach theater. I felt I could contribute to the community my skills. The first acting class took place in a room on the upper level of the Old Hanford Courthouse. It was a lot of fun and some of those students are still with HMTC today.

I have fun teaching. Teaching improv and acting is not just fun for participants but fun for me! We will offer more intensive acting classes. If you are interested or your children are, go to our website at or call us. We are happy share.

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