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On November 19-20, Saturday and Sunday at 7pm HMTC will present Indigenous Voices “WHO I AM.” A show featuring works from local Indigenous writers. It will be presented at the HMTC Theater at the Old Church.

Four artists will present poetry, performance, and a short play. The performance is for all ages, and includes elements of rhythmic poetry, rap, activism, and theater. HMTC is proud to present their words sponsored in part by the California Arts Council.

Tino Rayos, who recently performed at the Hanford Dia de Los Muertos wearing an Indigenous headdress will headline. He will present his works: “Huey Tonantzin,” “I am Hungers for Memory,” and “Missing & Murdered Indigenous Women.” He will end the evening with his “Blessing to the World.”

Shane Lara, is a bright new star. Rediscovering his native heritage, his works explores returning to his roots in a rap-like form that is quite mesmerizing. Music backdrop will accompany his poetry.

Anna Sul’s poetry is about tranquility and exploring who you are. It was after listening to her poetry during rehearsal that the title WHO I AM became the title for the show. Pay attention to her poem “We are all Alive together, part of the Spirit, blood, earth, and sky.

The fourth event of the evening is a play titled TORNADO TRAIN. This is written by Linda Amayo-Hassan. It is directed by Don Brakeman and features HMTC members Sarah McCullough and Salma Alatorre.

We began this workshop concept about two years ago and began work on it last year. The support from California Arts Council made it a reality.

Tickets are on sale with pay-as-you-can. Purchaser of a ticket can indicate the price he or she is willing to pay for entry. Go to

If you are interested in sponsoring HMTC, contact us at 559-997-3838 or email us from our website at

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