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Losing Film Footage - Short Film Showcase at HMTC

Two things are happening at the Lil’ Brick Theater site on Douty. First, three screens are ready for our Short Film Showcase on August 26. We are excited to present this first-time event at our new location. Second thing happening are the rehearsals for Don Quixote marionette puppet theater. Our puppeteers are excited to present this classic story.

The short film submissions have come to us from Hanford, Lemoore, Goshen, and Visalia. We welcome Tanya Miller (Hanford), Julio Cesar Gonzalez, Jr. (Lemoore), Joe Bejarano (Goshen), and Hannah Johnson, Jacob Perch, Ian Cook, Juliette Proser, Ashtyn Cripps, and William Youngquist (a group from Visalia).

One of the film makers included in our event discussed how he lost his film The Uber Driver. I saw the tremendous effort he put into the film firsthand. When it was completed, it was part of the Bend Film Festival a few years ago. What happened was his laptop was stolen and his footage was gone. Luckily, I found a copy. You can image how elated he was when I told him.

A Visalia film maker working with his son had a theft of his laptop. He left it in the car while in a restaurant. You can image his devastation on seeing a broken car window and a missing laptop. It was a horror film that was nearly completed. He had no copy. This was a disappointment to many of the actors in the area that spent countless hours on the project.

So, we are moving along with our shows at Hanford Multicultural Theater Company. Dates to remember are August 26 at 7pm for the film showcase. September 23 for our hosting of standup comic Chris Cope and puppet show Don Quixote on October 8 and 15.

Tickets for the events are on our website at


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