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Okay, Okay, we will do it.

At the beginning of 2022, HMTC decided to do acting classes every other month to give breathing room for staff and room for projects. However, we have succumbed to not taking a break because the adult participants are having too much fun and do not want to stop. Therefore, adult classes are continuing into August.

What makes acting class popular for local adults? For one thing, there is nothing like this class in the area. In fact, we have received calls from Southern California from people asking if we know of places there that is like us. This is perplexing because Southern California has plenty of avenues.

The cost in the south is high. Certainly, higher than ours. HMTC offers free classes with just a yearly application fee of $25 to help cover insurance and bottled water.

Our all-inclusiveness could be the appeal. We accept participants with little or no experience and we promise a fun and nurturing environment.

Or maybe people need good, healthy fun. The improv games we do are often hilarious. Laughing is such good medicine.

After we do improv games as a warmup, we go into play scenes. Expert acting techniques and pointers come from our resident director Don Brakeman. He is a seasoned and experience actor who teaches participants how to excel in a scene. He is very knowledgeable. We asked if he would do private actor coaching for some of the students. He said he would, and he auditions during our Wednesday class.

Our participants come to us for several reasons, and we love new faces. If you want to join in on the fun, check our website for classes and fill out the online application. Children classes will restart in September.


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