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On our stage, puppets are actors

So, I have determined that writing a play for puppets is just the same amount of work as writing a play for people. I had thought otherwise and took on the task with vigor. The responsibility was huge for I took a classic story of Don Quixote and fine-tuned it to family entertainment. Though "Don Quixote" is a classic story, it was challenging to put in puppet language. The average reading time of Don Quixote is 17 hours and 52 minutes. This puppet play is less than an hour. Visuals were implemented to help the story along.

Visuals? I should mention that we utilize three screens in the theater. We use the screens to thrust a story forward. We use film, and images on the screens. This could be viewed as mixed media. In reality, mixed media is common in regional theaters. I also thought that rehearsals would be minimal since the puppeteers don’t need to memorize lines. Yet, they must memorize moments and places on the stage for the puppets. This is called "blocking." I had to block puppets! This makes me laugh that I had to write out where the puppets must be for the lines. It’s just like a play. The puppets for "Don Quixote" are extremely well handcrafted and a joy to watch on stage. They were made in the Czech Republic with artistry I have never seen before. HMTC is looking forward to audience reaction to something very special for Hanford audience.

Pre-tickets at our website Shows are at 1 p.m. and 5 p.m. Oct. 8 and 15 in downtown Hanford.

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