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PEDRO THE PUPPETEER Film Premiere and Red-Carpet Extravaganza

We are excited for our film premiere this Saturday at 7pm. Our cast is coming in from Michigan, Oregon, and Southern California to be a part of the red-carpet event. They will be dressed in their finest to walk the red-carpet. REALLY THERE WILL BE A RED CARPET. Even the puppets that were part of the film will walk the red carpet (or be carried). Additionally, there will be free admission and popcorn. All at the Old Church on 14060 Hackett Street. This old church has the distinction of being the oldest church in Hanford. Open entering, you might be amazed how the interior has been converted into a theater.

This was a work that was to have been featured as a play production in 2020 in the theater-- the old church. Afterwards, it was slated for a two-week run at the Hollywood Fringe Festival in a special category.

We were very excited by all the possibilities. Then, as we all know, the pandemic made things get postponed. When it looked like a long delay, we took matters into our own hands and filmed it. We used four cameras and for portions of the play we used a green screen.

We were new at filming. Luckily, Scott Yarbrough introduced us to a film software program that would make the editing process easy. It was easy at first, then perfection-intentions set in, and it took longer than we expected.

Overall, we are proud of this work. We believe the actors, crew, and our artistic staff participated in an awesome event. We want to share it with you all and hope you can come. If you want a guaranteed seat, go to

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