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Playwriting classes are about to begin. It is known that what you put on paper has an incredible life when on stage in the hands of actors. Watching your characters come alive, saying your words, is an extraordinary experience. HMTC offers this experience to anyone.

The new writer in the HMTC program will first learn the simple format of writing play scripts for actors. This includes stage directions, which is place on the right side of the page. Stage directions are just a description of what is happening on the stage. The dialogue, which is placed in the middle of the page, are the lines of the actor. The lines of the actors drive the scene.

The characters used in the script can be described in the page before the play begins. It could say the age, the gender, and if important what accent the character has. However, a playwright can indicate whether the character has a stutter, or other vocal mannerism.

In our program, we will ask writers to write a monologue first. The monologue is a great introductory to writing a play script. It will have similar dramatic components that are easy to learn. Then we will forge to a play script of 10-45 minutes length. This playwright class will be done by zoom.

HMTC hopes you take this opportunity. It is fun! Other information can be found on our website at Fill out this form.

Silvia Gonzalez Scherer, executive artistic director

November 23, 2021

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