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Session of acting classes, a kid success

Acting classes resumed at Hanford Multicultural Theater Company and the results were wonderful. For the first acting session of the year students were taught acting techniques in the form of traditional acting games. As well, learning to think on your feet with introductory improv techniques were also introduced. Students were also asked to select a monologue to rehearse. In class, the monologue was worked on line-by-line and analyzed to present successfully.

What impressed me as the acting coach is, how well younger students listened to suggestions and how quickly they assimilated the tips to their performance. When a child wants to learn, the teaching and coaching is successful. As well, the child’s confidence increases as they themselves can feel the progression.

Yet, I wonder if the pandemic created very eager students. Students who appreciate in person instruction like never before. Or have these parents identified gifts in their children and heard about HMTC acting program and quickly enrolled them?

If you live in a larger city, acting schools for all ages are available. Acting classes at these facilities can range from $35-50 a class. Summer acting camps can range from $375 per week. Some of these facilities have transitioned to online classes. In my view, any way performing arts instruction can be had, is valuable.

Sure, in person is the most fun and provides the optimal results for performance. Reading books about acting or listening to a veteran actor talk about his or her experience is also valuable. This learning can be with any person of any age. When I was in Chicago, the happiest actors were ones that entered performing arts later in life.

HMTC is committed to make available the performing arts to all people. The commitment allows for a reserved space to be secured for a refundable $1. An annual $25 application fee for each family, or adult is requested. This allows the family or individual to take as many classes as desired in the six sessions available per year.

This low cost is due to the volunteers of the organization, and the commitment to our community. It also comes with the support of the Kings County Historical Society and the California Arts Council.

Find information on our website at

Silvia Gonzalez Scherer

November 20, 2021

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