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After the shooting last week at a school, and the stated pros and cons of gun control, lots of thoughts come into my mind. I was an elementary school teacher. I envisioned myself in a classroom with frightened children. Then I envisioned the parents in Texas whose hearts are broken from hearing the news that their babies will not come home. My voice trembles as I try to talk. Forget talking, I must write. That is what I do when I am grappling with emotions. I begin a play.

The working title is IF I HAVE DIED, I LIVE. Does not make sense right now. There are four characters from four aspects. The first is a teen who jumped out of a window when a gunman came into the classroom. The second character is a teen in Hanford recounting how his father saw another man abusing his child and his father interjected verbally. He was later followed by that man and shot to death. The third is a teen who while in her bedroom witnessed a stray bullet from gang warfare enter the room and killing her sister. The third is a Native listening to white supremacist on the t.v. news shouting for all immigrants to leave the country. He is a descendant of the first people.

It may be the same process with other writers how a play or story begins. If it is similar, do they also have these voices speak to them in all hours of the day? Do the character’s faces appear in their sleep? Do they watch the character’s interaction with each other in their heads and jot down the dialogue?

Obviously, this story that is evolving will be a commentary of our society. It is nothing new. However, if on the stage it illuminates issues, maybe life can be better.

That is how plays begin for me. Thoughts, images, and words turn into words on a page. If it does for you, contact us. We have ongoing writer’s group through zoom. If interested, contact us.

If you need some levity, join us for tomorrow, Saturday for a free event at 7pm at 14060 Hackett Street. The free tickets are available at

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