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Taking a Break? Short Film Festival Coming.

Session two of free acting and improv classes ended last week. We take a break from teaching to do creative projects. Early in our theater company’s career we gave free acting classes every single week. Recently in our move, we opted for eight week increments with an eight-week break in between.

The eight-week on and then eight-week off from acting classes is intended to be used for creative ventures and productions. We use the time for rehearsals for plays, give private acting lessons, or work on a project. One such project we will do is the Short Film Festival on August 24. Tanya Miller is a film maker herself and is coordinating the event. She is currently receiving submissions of films for the event until July 30. The event will be Pay-What-You-Want tickets to see the submitted films.

Another thing we are doing is going through short scripts for our next one-act play festival. We just finished our first one this past weekend. We made an all-call for scripts and within a 24-hour period, we received 35 scripts. Now we have more than a hundred and it hasn’t been a week. Don Brakeman is going through them and selecting scripts for our acting classes. We test the scripts there with our students. From there, the interesting scripts might make it to our second One-Act Play Festival. Date to be announced later.

Receiving these scripts from the playwrights made me realize that I am a playwright among them. Us playwrights send out our scripts in hopes of a production. In this break, I will be doing that too. And do more writing.


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