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THE TRIAL OF BOOKUS a musical puppet show

Hanford Multicultural Theater Company Presents: The Trial of Bookus by Peter Johnson

These days, many books are banned from being taught in schools for their subject matter. Books that contain issues that many people believe that students should not be subjected to learning. However, many books that are “put on trial” and banned are very important stories. The Diary of Anne Frank, the Color Purple and The Hate U Give being some notable titles. On May 18th, the Hanford Multicultural Theater will showcase the Trial of Bookus. A puppet musical that tells the story of a book named Bookus. This unique take on a social issue shows our hero, Bookus, sitting on a shelf in the library, excited for someone else to pick him up and read his story. That excitement fades away quickly when his friend Libro runs in, burned! He then warns Bookus that he is next. A confused Bookus is then put on trial to decide his fate. Will he be burned for his story or not? This wholesome story brings light to the issue of book banning through catchy, upbeat songs and lyrics.

To see the ending to Bookus’ story, head to the Lil’ Brick Theater in Hanford and see for yourself. Katheryn Hall of the Visalia library will also be present to show Bookus’ other friends who have been banned from teaching in school through a display of banned books.

See this unique musical puppet show that is a one of a kind, and also the winner of the Disrupter Grant given by The Center of Cultural Power with the California Arts Council. Shows are at 6pm on Saturday and Sunday on two weekends. May 18, 19 and 25, 26 at the Lil’ Brick Theater at 119 ½ N. Douty Street in Old Downtown Hanford. This is the home of Hanford Multicultural Theater Company. Tickets are $1, $5, and $10. HMTC recommends getting your tickets online at

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