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Updated: Sep 15, 2023

On Friday, September 15, which is today, we have the comedy group BAD NEIGHBOR to grace the stage at the Lil’ Brick Theater in Old Downtown Hanford. I have personally heard their comedy and they are a hilariousbunch. They have a show at 7pm and a show at 9:30pm and will prove to be a crazy group of guys. So, be prepared!

What is interesting to me is that the elements of preparing a comedy show is like preparing a play. The comedians went out into old Hanford to put signs in the usual places. They have their Facebook showing the show, and the QR code to buy tickets online. Same with play productions!

As well, we discussed the lighting, the green room for the comedians to relax, the special back door, the sound equipment, and seat arrangement for the audience. Same with play productions.

This scenario is always repeated for any show at Lil’ Brick. We are preparing the show with Chris Cope for next week, and the Don Quixote Marionette-puppet show early October.

Whether preparing for a comedy show, puppet show, slam, it is about the same amount of work in preparation and the same amount of hope. The hope that people will come to the show to be entertained.

Truly, this is a lot of fun for our theater to host, prepare, and watch the performers entertain the audience. Our desire is that it is fun for the audience as well.

If you want tickets for this show, go to

If you want tickets to Chris Cope standup comedy show and the Don Quixote Marionette-Puppet show, go to our website at Both are safe for all ages.

Also, if you didn’t know, we have started our acting and improv classes. It’s for eight (8) full weeks. We open our doors to any adult in our 7pm Wednesday classes, and kids and teens afterschool on Thursdays. Just apply online.


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