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Thought Provoking Theater

Hanford Multicultural Theater Company is presenting four shows on the weekend of July 1st and 2nd. If you haven’t seen our new place yet, you will be delighted. It doesn’t look like much space from the street, but deep inside is a theater space that is quite impressive. To think this place was converted from a dry-cleaners. Where is it? It’s on Douty Street very close to 7th Street in downtown Hanford.

An Evening of One-Acts is the dish to be served to the public that Saturday and Sunday. Two shows each day. One of the plays is called T (For Torture). It is a surrealistic two-person play performed by Gabriel Omar and Jason Boado. Both excellent performers who are embracing a play that was first produced in Chicago at the Women Director’s Festival.

As the play begins, Jason Boado enters the stage with an incredible intensity. He will set the atmosphere. You are either somewhere in the mind of Gabriel Omar’s character, or physically in a lost place where the character is held against his will. Gabriel’s character improves his situation with memories of good times and the play ascends surrealistically.

Hanford Multicultural Theater Company aims to serve thought-provoking theater. We thrive on original works. We also have a heart for comedy. Though many might wonder about the play T (for Torture) there’s comedy in that play! Really! Again, surrealistic quintessence.

Hanford Multicultural Theater Company welcomes anyone who would like to be part of our performing arts consortium. To our delight, we have been approached by volunteers to work behind the scenes. We will train the volunteers in light and sound tech. I’m currently looking for people interested in puppeteering to train. Email or call if you have interest or know people who would like to be part of a theater.

Tickets for the Evening of One Acts are available at our website AND THEY ARE PAY WHAT YOU WANT TICKETS (only online for pay what you want) at Call us anytime at 559-997-3838.

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