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We speak and they LISTEN (YAY)

For five years Don Brakeman and I have been teaching acting as a team for five years. We should celebrate this alliance, but instead we celebrate the students. Some who come from very far away to dedicate themselves to the craft of acting.


At times, before a class we start with improv. Lately, we start the class with tidbits of the industry, and some of our experiences. The students absorb the information like sponges.


Today, you can find resources online to get you information. In our class, you get the information as it applies to a teaching situation, and you can ask questions as it applies to the asker.


As well, our new improv group Udderly Improv have started again with a talented group of performers. They come from Hanford, Lemoore, and Armona. We at HMTC are excited for this newer performing group. They are quite talented, and you can see their first show on March 16 when we host Standup Comic Bob Fernandez. Tickets for all shows this year are available on our website at


If I do say so myself, this class at Hanford Multicultural Theater Company is a jewel of an opportunity in the most unlikely place. A converted drycleaners in the old downtown. A place for creativity and fun. We the community support.


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I remember when that was an empty store front and now it has turned into an amazing place for the community to learn and perform their acting skills. Can’t wait for next time I am passing through to stop by to maybe catch a show or just to see what’s happening.

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