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What’s happening now! PRACTICE YOUR CRAFT

We are finishing our first session of free acting classes. Next session starts in May. As always, new people are welcomed.

What delights us is that we get people from far away to participate in our acting and improv classes. We had a participant from Porterville and from Stratford this last session.

If you didn’t know, our commitment to the community is to do free acting classes. We do them every other month. The months in between we rehearse for performance projects.

The current performance project is an evening of one-acts. We are remounting a play from the Indigenous Voices production titled TORNADO TRAIN, by Linda Amayo-Hassan. New to our stage is the play T (FOR TORTURE).

It’s an advantage to an actor, or any performer to practice their craft as often as possible. There is enormous growth artistically. I remember taking acting classes in Chicago where the acting teacher would start his classes asking us students how many auditions we have gone to. Then he would continue his mantra to say that he can teach us skills, but the best fruit of learning is on the stage with an audience.

Our HMTC participants have been practicing their craft for years now. I agree, it is on the stage where the optimal learning happens for the actor. That is why we enjoy producing original plays.

Since our forte is original plays, we invite writers to send us scenes or short plays. We often read them with our acting classes.

We are about to host our next stand-up comedy show. Dave Yates is coming from Los Angeles to grace our stage with his original comedy. That will happen April 15 with two shows to choose from. The first one is at 6PM and the second show is at 8:30pm.

We recommend getting tickets soon. Our website has them available at for $15 online. Or you can get them at the door for $20.

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