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Where is Lil' Brick Theater? Oh yeah, that's Hanford Multicultural Theater Company

Updated: Sep 22, 2023

We have included a map so you can find us. Also, don't be alarmed when you come to the front. We understand it doesn't look like a theater. You have to go through a long hallway to get to the middle of it and the theater is there! You will love it! It's so cool.

We haven't been in our new location long, but we are doing stuff. This Saturday Chris Cope, a very funny comedian will be at 119 1/2 N. Douty St. in Hanford. A place Hanford Multicultural Theater Company calls Lil' Brick Theater. Why? When you walk down the lobby you will get to a great room with bricks all around. That is where we do our shows!!!!

So use to map to find us. but first buy your ticket! I promise you this will be a great show with an up and coming star who has already been on the Jimmy Kimmel Show. He does a great show that is clean fun. You have to come and see it to believe it.

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