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Christmas Present for HMTC- New Location!

HMTC is excited to announce a new location. To our fortune it is right smack in the downtown. We are readying it for full functioning sometime in January. What is special about the timing is that it about coincides with Hanford Multicultural Theater’s sixth year anniversary. HMTC opened its doors on February 1, 2017.

The new address is 119 1/2 Douty Street. Just feet from 7th Street. The building has a lobby that leads to a larger room that is bricked on all four sides. That inside section will be called Lil’ Brick Theater.

Especially grand is the closeness of restaurants and pubs to make an evening and show attractive to people on a night out. As well, there is ample parking behind the building.

It is wonderful that the new location is a perfect spot for us to share the arts with the community. We will present new plays, play-readings, performance art, puppetry shows, standup comedy, and possibly music acts. As always, we will continue our acting classes and improv classes. We are also toying with a professional standup comedian to offer standup comedy classes.

We are also toying with classes on stage combat, stage prop gun safety, and building stage scenery.

This is an exciting time for HMTC. A place to call our own is what we have desired since we first began. It took work to get there. Our hardships and obstacles along this journey has now become a distant memory.

We are happy that the stars lined up perfectly for a new home. Come see it in January 2023.

More information on our social media @HanfordMTC and website

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